Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello everyone.....

Well, today is Thursday, my last day at work for the week!!! We have a very busy weekend ahead of us.

Tomorrow, we will go shopping. Sunday is Jeni's 10th birthday and we will be taking her to buy a new outfit to wear Sunday. After that, we will clean and do laundry. (The fun part!!)

Saturday, we will do more chores. We have to go to the old house to finish getting our stuff out of there and then we will have to organize.I can't wait to get the construction started because, right now, it only seems like a wish. Once it has actually started, it will feel real. Most of all I can't wait until it is finished and we can move in!!!

Sunday is Jeni's birthday so, we have a few things planned for that day. We will not be having her party then because, it is cold here, too. We decided to do her party on Feb 4 but, I will fix one of her favorite foods that she hasn't had in over a year, Pasta Alfredo with chicken, broccilli, carrots, and snow peas. That is if I can find all of the ingredients. We will also be having her a birthday cake that day. We have a birthday tradition that, I have been doing every year since their first birthday. The night before their birthday, I put a ballon bouquet and a small gift and card in their room so, the first thing theysee when they wake up is that. On Luis' birthday last year, I didn't, we couldn't afford it then but, I plan on doing it with Jeni for her this year and start the tradition back again this year. We will also, be celebrating another birthday on Sunday, my niece's. She turns 2 on Monday so, we will add her name to the cake and celebrate her day, too. This was Jeni's idea.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!

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  1. Aww, that is sweet of your daughter to include your neices name! I love the balloon boquet idea. Your such a great mom!