Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We had a serious talk last night (Update from last nights post)

Well, Miguel and I talked about all of the issues. Finally, after about 3 hours of conversation, we decided that this weekend, we will have a family meeting and talk to everyone about these problems.
We will confront my sister in law about her attitude and racist comments. I plan on explaining to her that, she always says that it is not fair how the US treats Mexicans and all but, yet, she is doing the same thing here. I believe that you treat people the way ypu want to be treated. I will then explain to her that, I have my own customs and opinions and if I do something that is not the way she would do it, well, that is my way. I have never told her, she does things the wrong way, maybe they feel that, I have with my actions. Theyu get angry when I do something my way so, Miguel thinks that, maybe they think that by me doing it my way, I am telling them that, they are doing it wrong.
We will talk to his other sisters and tell them about how their kids have been treating my kids and that it is to stop as of now! I know they will start blaming my kids or saying kids will be kids. I will then acknowledge that, yes, my kids may be instigating some arguments but, they do not deserve to be bullied. I will then explain that bullying is not a kids will be kids thing that, is to be taken lightly. It is a very dangerous situation that lowers a child's self esteem, and is one of the causes child suicide and is the main cause of all of the school shootings in the US that, they love to talk about in this house. I will request cooperation from them to stop the bullying, these kids are all cousins and they should be defending each other and not bullying.
I will then talk to my mother and father in law and explain to them, that, this is their house and they are the ones who have control over what happens here. I will explain to them that, when I tell Miguel about the issues, he has responded, "We need to just move far away from here. Then, they won't see us except on the rare times we come visit." I refuse to allow this to happen, they are his family and I believe that, everyone needs their family but, if these things do continue, then, I will have to accept his response because, my sanity and my children are first and foremost. If that means that, we move and only come every few years to see his family for a few days then, so be it. I will then tell them, that this is their decision and they will make the one that, is right for them.
Afterwards, I will talk to the children and explain what bullying is and how it effects a child. I will then, tell them that I will not put up with any more of this behavior and that if I see any more of this, there will be consequences. I will not put up with them attacking my kids after they have came to tell me when somebody is mean to them. I will explain to them that, a kid is not weak when they tell on someone for hitting or abusing in any way. That to the contrary, that kid is stronger than the bully for standing up for theirselves.

After I have talked to everyone, I will then tell them all, that this decision is theirs, they will either choose to accept the kids and I and to treat us a human beings and part of this family or I will be forced to leave and that, Miguel will leave with me, not by me forcing him but, by his choice.

Hopefully after this conversation, things will change.

Today, is Miguel's birthday! The love of my life is now 25 years old, I just want to tell you, Te amo contodo mi corazon. Tu eres lo mejor que me ha pasado. Muchos felicidades en tu dia!!!!

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  1. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and that they do decide to take the high rode and treat you better. I think everyone deserves their family too, but if you are not accepted, treated with respect and supported it is almost like not having a family at all. I will be thinking about you and your family.