Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work and Everything Else

Hello everybody!!!
I am back and in a better mood!! The in law's do not stop irritating me but, I am learning to ignore and to not let it get to me. They will always do stupid stuff just to bother me like, last night, they opened my bread and left it open all night knowing that, I will not eat it after it is left open and it was a new pakage!!! I just threw it in the trash and bought another one, maybe opnce they see that I am not going to be bothered, maybe they will eventuelly stop!

Ok, now on to my normal life, I started work full time again this week, my students finally decided to come back to work after Christmas!!

I have quit letting people get to me, well, that is my goal this year. I first started with my in laws and then on to my boss. Last year, he always took advantage of me and was constantly having me go to classes really late, far away, and last minute. Plus, he had me working from 7:00AM until 8:30PM Monday thru Friday but, my total hours were only about 30 hours due to having a class for an hour and then an hour free. I had a lot of free time but, was too far from my house to do anything and in hour, you really can't get anything done so, I was stuck just sitting and waiting! Well, this year I put my foot down. I will only work either Daytime; 8:00-6:00 or afternoon/ evening; 1:00-8:30. He didn't like and but, had no choice, I told him that I couldn't be working like that anymore, I have kids that I need to be a mother to and need to teach more. I know he got mad because, I asked him for a small loan until payday (my hours were dead from Christmas until this week) and he flat out said "No" and that is something he never does. Oh well, I may be broke but, I have been that plenty of times in my life but, now, atleast I have time for myself and my family.

On to other things, Sunday was my baby girl's 10th birthday!!! She is officially in the double digits!!! We planned to wake her up by throwing balloons on her and singing the Mañanitas but, she woke up before us!! So, we sent her to see if the neighborhood atore was open and fixed some Penguinos and a muffin with ccandles and surprised her walking back into the kitchen. She was surprised! My camera took the picture blurry but, we got her with the penguino on her face!!

Afterwards, we went to Parque Fundidora to celebrate her birthday but, her actual party will be at the beginning of February. Here are a few pictures of Sunday:

So, we had lots of fun and the birthday party is going to be awesome!!! It is the last party party until her 15th, she wants a huge 15th with all the extremes so, we have to save and she is willing to sacrafice these 4 parties to have an awesome quince. We will still have a dinner and cake but, no official party.

We will start building in a week. We have decided to build a complete apartment upstairs, with kitchen, living room, and all. That way, we won't have to deal with all of the attitudes and problems. If someone starts running their mouth, we can just go upstairs to our house. I can't wait to finish it so, we can get into our own house and have peace and order again.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Good for you. It is so hard to not let people get to you but you are strong and I believe you can do it. Happy birthday to your daughter it looks like she enjoyed the day. Good luck with all the building next week!