Friday, January 6, 2012

URRRGGGGRRR!!!!! I need to vent before I go off on someone!!!

Well, we have been living at my mother in law's again for about 2 weeks and I am ready to go off on someone!
At first, all was good but, then, Miguel went out of town to work. Even then, all was fine for a day. I went with my mother in law and sister in law shopping, with my money and as soon as, I ran out of money, my youngest sister in law started with her little smartass attitude. After that, my mother in law followed suit! You see, Ale (my sister in law) is a spoiled rotten brat and that is putting it lightly. Well, Miguel was out of town  for 3 days and the last 2 days, I was ready to beat the hell out of somebody! I had had it with the disrespect, I toild Miguel that, not only am I her sister in law, I am older that her and she should respect me. I am 15 years older than her and I have always been taight to respect people who are older than me. I honestly don't know what happened to her, everyone else is respectful. i thnk they just spoiled her majorly and still think she walks on water! I loved her to death before I met her, when we would talk on the phone but, now that I know the real her, I can't stand her! She  a two faced bitch that thinks she is better than anybody else and can't stand the US or Americans. She thinks we are stupid uneducated people who only steal from Mexico, she brings up the Alamo all the time!! I have told her to get with the present and to forget about something that happened hundreds of years ago and that, honestly, the people who are uneducated are the ones who are prejudiced and racist and that she remonds me of the Americans I can't stand that are racist and prejudice! (Maybe that is one of the reasons she doesn't like me but, not he only one. She didn't like me before I told her that)

Any way, to today, there are 4 older girls here. After supper, we had 2 of them wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. We cut the Rosca de reyes and had hot chocolate later. Afetr that, we told the other 2 to clean the kitchen and one of them mimicked me. I was like, excuse me? I told her twice and she talked back again saying that she wasn't going to clean anything and that I had no right telling her what to do! Do you believe that? An eleven year old telling me that! I was dumbfounded, my kids would never dare speak to an adult like that, they know they would be in deep trouble! Well, I went outside with Miguel, Ale, and my mother and father in law and told them what she did. Ale said that she would do the dishes since everybody else was to worried about making somebody do them. I told her that, that was not the point that, that my niece needs to learn to respect and to do what she was told. My father in law just laughed and that pissed me off even worse!

I told Miguel that, I can't live here, everyday it is something. I want to see if we can get a mortgage and buy a house instead of building on here. I can't deal with this everyday, I am about to go off on somebody and when I do, everything that, I have held in up to then will all explode onto that person and you know who I hope it is! ;)

If we can't get a mortgage then, I guess we will build on here but, we will build an apartment, with livingroom, kitchen, a private entrance, and all. Tha way, I can just go to my house when they start acting ridiculous!

Thank you for listening to me, I needed to vent before I did something that, got me kicked out of this house! Good night!

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