Monday, January 30, 2012

Lisa's monthly questions...

Well, Lisa is back so, that means.... We get to do these questions again! yayy!! I really love doing these, it keeps things interesting and we all get to learn new things about each other. So, here we go:

1. What is one chore that you hate doing the most?

I used to hate washing dishes but, now, I HATE taking out the trash in the bathroom. I can't wait to move so, I won't have shitty toilet paper in the trash can! LOL

2. When was the first time you had alcohol?

I was actually 15 and a friend and I got her boyfriend to buy some wine coolers, I took 1 drink and hated it.

3.What is one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to you?

I don't know, I am like Lisa, my family is very crazy and if you do something or something happens that would be embarrassing or funny, you will never live it down. So, that would be difficult but, maybe the worst I can remember is sneaking out to go out with friends when I was 14 and my mom found me and called the police on everybody there! I was with everyone, even my then boyfriend who was older than me so, they all almost went to jail!! I never lived that one down with them and at that moment, I could have killed my mom. Now, though, I would do the same thing to my daughter! Go figure!

4.If you could choose how would you want to die?

Either in my sleep or doing something I love.

5. Would you rather see a movie at home or in the theater?

I would rather be at home, that way we can eat what we want and either lay on the floor, couch, or what ever.

6.  Two of your favorite musical artists and why?

1. Garhn Brooks- I am from North GA so, Friends in Low Places says it all. We used to sing that in high school!
2. Pitbull- I love reggeaton and Pitbull is one of the best! Oh, and the memories I have of dancing to his songs! LOL

7. Have you ever been to a karaoke bar and participated?

I have never been to a Karaoke Bar, when I used to go out, I always went to dance clubs. I have always loved to dance.

8. Are you a people pleaser?

To an extent, I am. I don't like to make people feel bad but, then again, if it affects me in a bad way or in a way that I don't want it to, I won't care what someone feels.

9. In high school what group were you apart of?

In my high school, we had the rednecks, blacks, and Mexicans and I had friends in all groups but, didn't hang out ith any of them on a regular basis. So, I would say part loner part all. I mainly hung out with my nonhigh school friends.

10. One thing you remember doing that upset your parents?

Sneaking out when I as 14, 15, and 16, my mom has called the cops on me, threw shoes at me, yelled at me, and beat my butt so many times it ain't funny. One time though, I skipped school told my mom I was staying late after school and would be home around 6. Well, I came home at 6:30 like nothing happened. I went in to my bedroom and my dad was sitting on my bed with my stereo speaker (my baby at the time) in his hand. As soon as I opened my door, BAMM!! He threw the speaker up against the wall right beside the door a mere 2 inches from my face!! It busted into pieces, I 'still don't know if he was aiming for me or what but, I was pissed about the speaker and he told me to be glad I still had one speaker and if I did that again, I wouldn't have it either. They still won't tell me who they found out I skipped school and who I was with. My advice: Do not skip school; it is not worth it!!!

11. First Hangover?
I was 26 and went to the club with my cousin/ best friend. She was ordering my drinks and I didn't know she started ordering doubles after the second drink. I was sitting down watching people and about an hour and 4 drinks later, I stood up and fell on my butt! I was so drunk, I couldn't even walk out of the club. My cousin and her boyfriend had to carry me out, I woke up at 11 the next day still drunk and by 1PM, I had a hang over!
The worst hangover was after another night of partying with my cousin nd other friends but, this time at home. We played quarters and other games and got so drunk the next day, I was dying! I got tonsilitis the very next day and everyone says it was from the hangover from hell! Who knows?!

I can't wait to read the answers to these questions!


  1. Great Hangover stories. LOL. Wow I have to say I was pretty lucky as a teenager because my mom used to ask me to stay home and go to disneyland with her. I was the one saying no mom I have to go to school. LOl I did ask if I could skip school once or twice and she gladly wrote a note or called in for me.

  2. "Friends in Low Places" is a classic here in GA, I think it always will be. I love Pitbull as well! Great stories...