Thursday, March 8, 2012

It has been 4 days and counting... (Pics of Hospital included)

Four days ago, I had my surgery. I was all brave, I walked into the hospital and up the ramp to the next floor. I went into my room, number 6, got undressed and put on the traditional open back hospital gown. I then sat down on the hospital bed, I noticed it was the old ones, they used to have in the States. The room as furnished with old furniture but, was clean.

The nurse returned with a tray, she cleaned my hand and searched for a good vein, all the while, I was nervous, IV's always take 4-5 tries to get right on me. Well, the nurse finally found a vein on top of my hand that she said was good. she cleaned the area and put the needle in, it did right! On the first try!! I couldn't believe it, that had never happened to me, I have been told I have bad veins.

The nurse called Miguel and his sister up to the room and about 30 minutes later, a nurse opened the door with a wheelchair. Oh God!! It is time. I thought.

As the nurse wheeled me into the operating room, I could hear a baby crying. I thought, this is why I am doing this. I got up on the table and the nurse started wrapping my legs with ace bandages, she said this helped with circulation. The anesthesiologist arrived and he calmed my fears about the epidural not taking, he said that, he didn't do it the last time and that here they also give a sedative. He put the medicine in my IV and I started feeling good! LOL He put the epidural in and it didn't hurt near as bad as I thought. For about an hour after the epidural was put in, I felt people cleaning my stomach, or so I thought. I asked the anesthesiologist when was the surgery going to start and he told me they had been in there for about 20 minutes! I fell asleep for a while and woke up because, I felt a little pain, I told the Dr, he put in more medicine. This happened a coupke o times and he immediately stopped it. At the end, I felt pulling and tugging but, that was it. I was then transferred to one bed moved to another room, transferred to another bed and took to my room.
I got in there and Miguel was about to have a fit, my surgery was supposed to take an hour and a half and it took almost 3 1/2 hours. An hour later, I had bad pain so, the Dr injected another pain medicine and it helped. I slept off and on all day and night.
On Tuesday, I started moving around and finally got to go home after callimg my Dr. I had had it with the food, they gave me jello for breakfast and lunch and fried eggs for supper! I hate eggs and jello! Miguel was able to bring me food from the cafeteria, he brought me shredded chicken breast and vegetable soup, either I was starving or that was absolutely delicious!
I went home and ate tacos! I was so happy but, in pain.
Wednesday, I woke up in pain and was in horrible pain all day. All they give you for pain here is Ketorolac which is like Advil in my opinion.
This morning, I woke up feeling good. The pain is a lot less today, I have been more mobile today and with only minimal pain. The left side still hurts but, it is not that bad.
Here are some picutres of the hospital:
Us the day after surgery, I look all swollen and exhausted!

The tiny TV and the Minisplit (A/C)

The table, it is not adjustable like in the States.

The Rules and Regulations of Clinica Nuevo Nacimiento
The worst rule: No food and drink from outside allowed!!!

The bathroom, it was clean but, old and the bath seat was an outside chair.
Like all other public places in Mexico, the toilet needed a toilet seat!

The couch/ bed for Miguel.

All in all, the place was old but, very clean. I was very happy with the experience. I will be considering having the furture Lil one there but, only if it is a vaginal birth. After all the pain, I have had, I have decided to go to the States to have the baby if I have to have a C-section. I refuse to suffer through pain when, good pain medicine does exist.


  1. So glad things went well for you and the pain is slowing down. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Take care.

  2. I'm glad your procedure went well. I hope you are recovering quickly and with very little pain! The hospital room looks nice! Thanks for sharing with us. Cuidate!!!

  3. Glad you are doing better... I didn't take the Ketoralac... (BTW, it is Toradol, a big brother to Ibuprofen :-)) I have been taking 2 tylenol and 3 ibuprofen every 6-8 hours since my surgery, and it has taken away all my pain... I was very glad that I brought my big economy size bottles of both from the states! Did your doc tell you how long before you can do your "homework"?

    1. My stitches come out Wednesday and we are free to do "homework" in 3 weeks so, it will be my next cycle. I had to start my period 3 days after surgery!
      My pain is pretty much gone now. Today, I am only taking Ibuprofen and am moving around alot.
      Is your Dr giving you Clomid to help concieve quicker?

  4. Thank you Lisa and Tara1 Next stop (in 3 weeks), we are on to the good stuff, the "homework"!!!! LOL