Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What do you all think about this???

So, as you all know we are getting Miguel's Visa started. Well, we have been talking and Miguel really wants me to have our baby in the States when we do get pregnant.
We had a conversation about it today and he wants the kids and I to go to the States when I do get pregnant so, I can get quality care for me and the baby.
Plus, my son needs surgery on his feet, he was born with six toes on both feet and has had surgery to remove the extra big toe and another surgery to straighten his toe but, still needs more and it is time to get it gain. This is a very expensive surgery so, I need to be in GA and able to get Peachcare (a government sponsered insurance for low to middle income families who do not qualify for Medicaid) again so, he can get his surgery or at least see the surgeon to see when we need to do it.

I of course, was against it but, I know we have been having a hard time in Mexico for the past few months. Hell, for the past year!! I agreed we will talk it over a little bit more. I told him we could move to the border and rent a house or apartment there so, we could see each other often but, he was thinking me stay at my grandmother's house and help her with utilities like she had offered before and save money for when he gets his visa, we can by a house.

I don't really see us saving too much money because, I will be coming to Mexico every few months and that will exhaust what we save. I don't know what to do. I would love to go back to the US but, I don't want my family to be separated, that was the reason we moved out here.

This is really keeping me upset and stressed out!!! I don't know what does everybody think?


  1. Hey, I read your blog but just now realized I have never posted! I am going to write some comments on here as this is something I have recently gone through personally. My SO and I wanted to wait in Mexico while his permanent residence was being processed. We went back to Cancun, which is super expensive. Although we loved it there, we decided to come back because (1) getting L his permanent residence visa is our main priority and (2) As much as we love it there, it is simply impossible to both save for our enivitable move back to Canada, as well as maintain a average life style there, unfortunatelty :(

    What I am trying to say is, only you and your husband knows what is best for your family.. In our case, it made more sense to come back to Canada, where atleast (one) of us can make good money, money the two of us combined could never make in Mexico per month. I wish you all the best in your decision. When we made ours, we based it on the long term.. even though it is hard for us right now we have strong hopes we made it better and easier for ourselves in the future. Keeping you in my thoughts!


  2. Stephanie - I agree with Milena. Tis is a decision only you and your hubs can decide . Her plan to move to Canada is a good one - and although I dont know much, I have heard they have good healthcare there. You would have to look into how healthcare would work for your - as an American citizen living in Canada.

    Living on the border is also a good idea, as far as being able to be with your husband daily but also still be able to cross the border for medical care while pregnant (and for your son). Check out the Gringa N Mexico blog, she crossed the border while in labor If I remember correctly! Possible. Also, not sure if this is a myth but it was true for me - my first labor was 8 hours of "active labor" and th second was only about 2 hours of active labor. So if your firt and then second labors were quick, then maybe crossing the border in labor isnt such a hot idea.
    But ! You could always remain in MEX until the 8 months or so, and then move to Georgia for the last month if thats a concern?

    We chose to move to MX for many reasons - we actually wanted to live near my inlaws (annoyed as I get) , we knew we would be here for longer than a year, wnted thengirlwto be bilingual fluently (and me too) but lastly, my pregnancies/ labors have been thankfully complication free and smooth sailing. If I had had even one hiccup during pregnancy, I probabñy wouñdnt be considering having a baby in MX. I am so blessed that I have had an easy time during pregnancy, and so grateful. Our decision to wait out the process in MX would have been different if I had health considerations to think about as well.

    Now, many would say if you have the money to pay for private hospitals the health care here can be just as good. I think you know that answer way better than I do though!!

    Feel free to think out loud here while you are going back and forth what to do! Your hubby will love you no matter what, and we will be here to litsten to your thought process :)

  3. I also agree with Milena. It has to be a decision you make together and what you can both deal with. It is hard being away from eachother especially with the kids, but then you have to think about what is to be done and how if you stay.

  4. My husband and I decided last year that I would go back to the US for the last half of the pregnancy. I had a high risk condition and did not feel comfortable staying in Mexico since I needed specialized care, and there was the risk of needing access to neonatal care that would have been several hours away. Overall, we were more at risk than the average pregnancy and did not want to jeopardize the baby, so I came back. I'm 5 weeks postpartum, and I have to admit, while I'm thrilledmto have the little guy, it's been very tough being separated. My husband fights getting down about the whole situation and then I'm pretty much completely on my own with a colicky baby at all times. It's hard. But I would have made the same choice if I had to do itover again. I'm sure you'll choose what's best for you. We will also be working on my hubby's visa when I get back. I don't care how long the wait or how expensive it is, after being back in the states I have no desire to raise kids in Mexico, Veracruz is just not safe and I want to be near my family. Best of luck to you!