Friday, March 16, 2012

How I Met Miguel (lots of pictures)

Lisa from "From One Country to Another" had a question in her monthly questions the inspired this post: Who made the first move?

Let me tell you first that 2007 was my wild year.

It was the last weekend of March of 2007, I had just broke up with my boyfriend and I was not in the mood to go out but, did want to get drunk! It was that bad of a break up!!

My cousin and best friend, Heather had other ideas. She told me that I was not getting drunk at home by myself that we were going out and I could drink at the club with her and didn't have to dance.

I gave in got dressed and off we went. When we got there, we ran into a couple of friends and sat with them at a table near the dance floor that has Mexican music like, Norteña, Cumbia, Banda, and Durangense instead of in our normal spot by the Reggeaton, Bachata dance floor. You see, I was a Reggeatonera before I met Miguel, I loved to dance Reggeaton, Bachata, and Merengue. I loved to walk by the other floor to take in eye candy, teh Atlanta Peach has some gorgeous men in cowboy hats! LOL.
Anyway, I had been sitting there for about an hour or so and had drunk a few Margaritas when, I looked over at the dance floor and there he was dancing Duranguense like on TV. I told Heather, I want him to teach me how to dance, it looks fun. Her comment was well, atleast you will be able to dance with the pretty cowboys!
So, after he quit dancing, I went up to him and told him, I wanted him to teach me how to dance. We exchanged numbers and I went back to my table. I told Heather, either I am drunk or he is fine! we walked by him later that night and she said, no girl, he is fine.

The next day, I get a phone call at 11:00AM, it was Miguel, he wanted to meet me outside of the club. I agreed to meet him at the Quiktrip (a gas station), I pulled up and parked. He wasn't there yet so, we went in for a desperately needed coffee and I called him and told him that if he wasn't there in 5 minutes, we were leaving. I was not a patient person then. He pulled up with his cousin and got out of the truck. I told my cousin, he is not fine, he is GORGEOUS!!! We talked for a few minutes and he asked if I wanted to go to the Alacranes concert that night if he was still in town. He was leaving either that afternoon or the next morning to go to Florida to work for a month. I said that I would call him later if I wanted to go.
I didn't call him, I went to dance reggeaton at the Emperio that night. I called him the next afternoon and he acted sad that I didn't call him but, he didnt go to the concert, he went to Florida Saturday evening. Well, we talked a couple of times the next 3 weeks.
I went to Texas for the weekend a few weeks later, forgot my phone charger and was too cheap to buy a car charger. I returned home on Monday evening. I was telling Heather that I was going to call Miguel that night to see what he had been up to, we hadn't talked for about a week and a half. Right after I said that, my phone rang and it was him.
The first thing out of his mouth was, "this was the last time I was going to call you.  I have been calling you all weekend and you wouldn't answer my phone calls"! I was thinkinhg that you just didn't want to talk to me and I was making myself look stupid!"
I busted out laughing and explained that my phone was dead all weekend.
We made plans to go out the next weekend.
This was a picture he took of hisself, as you can see, he is very concieted! LOL

I knew he was 20 years old and I was 28 but, thought, this will never be anything more than fun for a while so, I decided to enjoy myself. Well, after that weekend we spent the next 2 months playng friends with benefits that talked every single day. I went out with other people and so did he but, one night, we ended up at the same club, the Atlanta Peach but, were with other people. I would be dancing with the guy I went with and everytime I would look up, there he would be watching me with this look on his face.
The next day, he started calling me at 8:00AM!!! I didn't answer until almost 3:00PM. He tried to not let n that he was jealous but, I could tell. I told him, I was going to hang up and let hime think about it and that I was tired of playing this game. By then, I know I had feelings for him but, didn't think he did and I had my pride.
He called me an hour later and we decided to meet and talk about this. I really don't remember much of this conversation but, I remember, we didn't talk or see each other for a month.
All of a sudden, he called me one day. We went out the following Saturday. After that, he came over on Monday stayed the night and was at my house about 4 times that week. This went on for about 4 weeks. We had along conversation about him moving in. We decided he would but, never set a date for this to happen but, I gave him a key.
 About a week later, I came home from work to find him working out back, he was removing all of the weeds that had grown on my fence. This did not surprise me, I had just bought the house 2 months earlier and for the last month, he had been doing a lot of work on the house for me like, painting, cabinet repair, a busted water heater clean up and repair, and now weeds. Anyway, I went upstairs to change and was very surprised when I walked into the bedroom. All of his clothes and things were on my bed and floor.
I was just standing there staring when, I heard him say, I didn't know where to put it, the closet and drawers are full! So, I had work to do, I rearranged my closet and drawers so, his stuff could fit and we finally finished putting everything in order by 11 that night.
Our first daytime date to Stone Mountain, this was right after we climbed to the top!

A year after we moved in together, living in Columbus, GA

Engagement photos, McDaniel Park, Duluth, GA

My favorite enagement photo

We lived to gether for 3 years and got married finally in November 2010.

Now, here we are in Mexico, married for a little over a year, and planning on a baby with in the next year.
I never would have thought that, a "friend with benefits" I met at a night club could turn into the love of my life and father to my kids and our future child(ren).

This shows you, you never know where you can meet your soul mate!

Here are some more pictures over the years:

Jeni trying to dress like Miguel. She was 5 years old here.

Luis trying to get the hat just right like Miguel! He was 4 years old.

All of us at Jeni's Kindergarten graduation, Jeni had to cover Luis' head up!!

At Amicalola Falls in North GA

Luis, 6 and Miguel trying to look mean, it didn't work! They look funny!

Luis and Miguel on a hike in a park near Columbus, GA

At the Chattahoochee River Park in Columbus, GA

On the Hayride in the Pumpkin Patch near Amicalola Falls

Waiting in line to ride the Paseo Sta Lucia, Monterrey
Our first anniversay, Parque Fundidora, Monterrey

Miguel is a wonderful father and husband, like all he has his faults. They are so small that, I can live with them because, the good outways the bad by a million to one!!!
Now, I am interested in reading how all of you met your spouses.


  1. Cute post. Glad to have helped :). Thanks for sharing your story. I will have to get around to mine soon.

  2. I loved your post! Thanks for writing this post. I love learning more about you..... my Georgian sista! LOL Great pics! You guys make a super cute couple!

    Here is a post how me and my hubby met. Wrote it a long time ago, so I'll just leave the link here.

  3. I just recently started following your blogs.. since I will moving to Mexico in 2 weeks.. I love your post. I like to hear or read people love stories.

  4. Awwww this is such a sweet post! I should do this sometime :)

    Looove thpictures, the one you said is your fav engagement photo is so gorgeous of you and sooo sweet of the two of you together. Looks like true love.

  5. I'm loving reading these posts on how everyone met! It's inspiring me to write one :)