Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I will be having my Tubal Reversal tomorrow morning and am so very nervous and that is the understatment. I have already eaten my last full meal before surgery! :(
I can eat lightly between now and 8 o'clock tonight and liquids until midnight so, that means no coffee in the morning.
I haven't been sleeping to well for a few nights and I think that is due to me being nervous about this surgery so, i am excited about finally being able to sleep again!
Another blogger (Palomina) just had her surgery so, she made me feel alot better with her email, I was horrible scared about having surgery here. So, Thank you so much Palomina!

Well, I can't think of anything to post about so, have a great rest of your weekend and I will post after I have recuperated a little from my surgery.


  1. We'll be thinking about you and sending you good thoughts! :)

  2. Every day gets a little easier... be prepared to be very stiff and swollen for a few days. Take your medicine as you are told, and make sure to drink lots of water. Thinking of you tonight and will be tomorrow as well, I will go to church and light a candle for you :-) Cyber Hugs my friend.